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You run a brilliant operation. We’ll keep it looking that way.

Whether managing an entire fleet, running a small business, or driving for yourself, your vehicles are a direct reflection on you. With a Carnation Fleet Account, you’ll get a customized program designed to save you time and guarantee your vehicles are always shining on the job.

Option #1
Membership Discount For Your Fleet

For fleets 5 and above, Carnation Auto Spa offers books of multiple wash tickets for interior cleanings and exterior car washes so your vehicles can get in and out and back on the road. These books are available for purchase at all Carnation locations and at

Option #2
Customized To Meet Your Fleet’s Needs

At Carnation Auto Spa, we offer a tailored Fleet Business Program for larger fleets. Our team will understand your cleaning needs and design a plan to ensure your vehicles always look their best with minimal downtime. We cater to all large-scale vehicle operations with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and flexibility. With Carnation Auto Spa, your fleet’s performance and appearance becomes our business.

At Carnation Auto Spa, we know that no matter how brilliant a clean we give your car, life has a way of happening. That’s why every Carnation comes with the Carnation Promise. Just come back to the car wash with your original receipt, and we will re-clean your car free of charge!